Continuous Quality Up gradation

  • Creation, incorporation and regular up gradation of internationally accepted curriculum required for the industry.
  • Creation and offering of best and suitable segments of courses at various levels ranging from basic knowledge, job oriented to specialization of expertise in design and development including finishing schools.
  • Time based staff orientation training to ensure knowledge updates.

Aims at a glance

  • Internationally accepted educational excellence
  • Extent and facilitate its quality based education and training to all aspirants in every nook and corner of the country with affordable cost.
  • Develop and drive a systematic mechanism of network with international educational institutes of excellence to adopt and share best practices
  • Establish finishing schools with high profile technology adaptation and to undertake international collaboration programmes.
  • Create a thrust and drive enthusiasm among students to the frontier areas especially of Management, Engineering and Information Technology.
  • Absolutely committed to serve the society an exemplorary quality education and also promote self-employment and entrepreneurship.